Asian-inspired Soups

Like Pho? Us too. Can you make similar delicious soups at home? You bet! Want to spicy-it-up, just add some Wildfire (as pictured). Another idea is using Green Queen instead of Lime in a Thai-papaya Salad- this is a easy delicious way to bring the flavors together. You can think of our Hot sauces as more than just a one-flavor, salty addition like so many mass-produced sauces, but as an accompaniment to the richness and nourishment of a dish- they are full of local, organic vegetables and probiotics, after all! Another option is adding our Kimchi or Kimchi Brine to a dish like this for a more intense heat. Let us know how you make yours!

Pho Soup.jpg

Pizza and Sauerkraut

Are we serious? You bet! Take something greasy, caloric and delightful and pair it with the slighty-sweet and crunchy fresh taste of our Sauerkraut.. its a match made in heaven. See this blog below regarding this and other wonderful ideas for using Sauerkraut in everyday meals!

Easy Way to Eat Sauerkraut